That time when I wrote for Summerana Magazine!

I recently switched hosts for my website, which means that I lost all of my blogs. Super bummer! So you're going to see some re-blogging here and I'm going to start with the first time I wrote for Summerana Magazine! 

In the Holiday issue in December of 2018, my article "7 Tiny Tweaks to Improve your Maternity Posing"  was published. It was a 3 page spread featuring images I shot on a very cold, blustery snowy day and it marked the first time I had ever been asked to contribute knowledge to a legit photography resource! It still feels a bit unreal!

Whaaaaaat that's me!

You guys... that's my name on the cover! 














My gorgeous model, Tonya, was a real trooper and braved the elements and I'm still so grateful! You can read the article for yourself below. :) 

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I keep a copy of this edition in my studio, but if you'd like to buy your own you can do so at this link here:


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