New Site! (Yes, again lol)

For years, I have struggled with my website. 

I get the feeling that I'm not alone here. Any business owner knows how essential a functioning website is, but when you are not skilled in that area it really becomes difficult to manage your own site! Not only difficult to do, but the TIME involved can be extremely daunting. 

I found myself in my same ol' same ol' routine of "ugh. I have to change that on my site but I have no idea how" and the familiar feelings of dread would slowly creep in, getting worse as I procrastinated and put it off day after day. SO. I switched hosts and found a wonderful and easy new way to work on my website! Shopify is my site host now, and I don't regret the switch for one minute! 

One more cool thing: 
I will now be able to sell any session specials I may do right here on this site. No more "tell me what date and time you want and I'll send you an invoice" baloney. It will all be done right here. :) Easy peasy! 

So, that brings me back to the title of this blog. New site. Again. I am starting over once again in the blog world (as I can't import my old blogs here) but that's ok! 

I get the feeling you'll be seeing more of me as it's now so much easier to do the things I want to do! 


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