Three Little Loves Props

Back in August of last year, my bff and I decided to finally pull the trigger and open our own prop shop! 

We launched our site, after about 2 years of talking about it.... and thinking about it.... and talking about it some more. It's super great to not only own another business venture, but it's extra exciting when you get to own it with your pal! 

Shannon and I are kinda creepy. We somehow manage to send each other the same links for things we find online at the same time "look at this!". And more than once we've discovered that we have purchased the same coat, craft supplies, or random home decor. That said, we work well together. :) 

Three Little Loves got it's name because Shannon and I each have 3 children. We both have 3 little loves. <3 

Our style is definitely rustic and vintage. We adore anything that has that sweet charm and especially love seeing out props in use! 

Please join our VIP facebook group! It's where we post about sales, and where we share images.


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