When to Book Your Newborn Session

When you find out you're pregnant, it's so exciting! Not only are you soon to be a parent, but you get to experience all the fun pregnancy firsts such as:

  • feeling baby kick for the first time
  • realizing you can't button your pants anymore 
  • wearing your first maternity outfit
  • enjoying your baby shower

Your pregnancy is also a time for preparation: 

  • putting together the nursery
  • registering for gifts
  • packing the hospital bag
  • washing outfits and installing the carseat

But there is one more "before baby gets here" activity that often gets overlooked. And it's one of the most important ones! Do you know what it is? 



You're probably thinking "How can I book a session if I don't know exactly when baby is going to arrive?"

Let me explain...
By the time you deliver your baby, do all the necessary hospital stuff, come home, get settled, have visitors, etc.... many days have gone by! Your baby is likely to be a week or so old when you decide to reach out about scheduling a session. However, there's one problem with this scenario. Check out the actual conversation below:

Client photo blurred for anonymity


Unfortunately, I have this conversation far too often. It's an awful feeling to tell an excited client that I am already booked up and can't fit them in quick enough. 

You see, newborn sessions take place when baby is less than 2 weeks old. I specialize in posed newborn photography, which has it's own set of "rules" and works a bit differently than a typical session. Baby's age is quite important! 

Usually, babies are very sleepy in the 2 weeks after delivery, and deep sleep is essential for safe posed newborn photography. Additionally, in their first 2 weeks of life, babies are still pretty flexible and love to be in the familiar "curly" fetal position. This womb-like position makes posing comfortable and relaxed for your baby, and above all safe. 

***DISCLAIMER this image is created by merging multiple images into one. Hands were on baby at all times. Please do not try to recreate this at home. Babies cannot, under any circumstances, hold themselves in this position safely.***

 Seen above is darling baby Shea at 12 days old. This "froggy" pose is only safely possible with deep sleep and womb-like flexibility. The chances of getting an older baby into this position are drastically less. 

So When Should You Book Your Session? 

Simply put, the best time to reach out is any time after your 12 week pregnancy check up. This gives you plenty of time to nab an appointment in advance, and saves you from hearing the dreaded "I'm sorry, I'm booked!". 

The process is simple, we use your due date as a temporary placeholder on the calendar, giving me a ballpark idea of when to expect your baby's arrival. I jot down your due date, and ask you to contact me as soon as you're able after your baby's birth. After you alert me of baby's arrival, then we schedule the actual session date, making sure to hit that 2 week old window.

This part is important: I only accept a small amount of newborn sessions per month. Labor/delivery may not always go exactly to plan, and due dates are rarely spot on. By limiting the amount of sessions I take per month, I'm able to keep my schedule flexible enough to accommodate this unpredictability. 

What To Do If Your Baby Has Already Arrived

Please, don't panic! I encourage you to still reach out as I can sometimes squeeze you in, and I will try really hard to do so! Many clients don't know they should pre-book their session, so you are not alone. Heck, before I became a newborn photographer, I didn't know either!

If your baby is already older than 2 weeks, that's ok too. I will work with your baby's abilities at the stage they are in, and we can still create a beautiful session together. The poses will be less "curly" but still adorable and totally WORTH IT! 

Just because your baby may be a bit older, doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful session! 


Want To Book Your Session? Here's How! 

To book your session, please fill out this contact page or click the image below to send me a message. Please include details such as when you are due, or how old baby is if he/she has already been born. I'll be in touch with you asap!


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