What To Wear To Your Newborn Session

Not sure what to wear? I've got some simple tips!


For Baby- 

  • This one is easy, you don't have to prepare anything! I never put newborns in clothing for their newborn session. I will either photograph your baby au naturel (creative posing hides the diaper), or wrapped in a complimentary color to your clothing. Easy! If we do use a little outfit, it will be one of the specialty ones I have in studio. 
For Siblings/Parents-  AVOID these things
  • wrinkles 
  • bold patterns
  • bright neon colors
  • words/logos 
Simply avoiding these 4 things will put you on the right track to gorgeous family photos! Let's dive a little deeper and break things down...

Wrinkles- This one is pretty self explanatory I think! If your clothing is wrinkly at your session, it will look wrinkly in your photos and there really isn't a whole lot that can be done about it afterwards. Please iron or steam your garments ahead of time. 

Patterns- You don't have to avoid patterns altogether, but choosing the right pattern is important. Avoid "loud" patterns and instead opt for something a bit more quiet and soft. 

This mama chose the perfect balance of color and pattern for her clothing. The colors are soft and the pattern is "quiet" enough that it enhances the mood of the photo and doesn't distract.


Color- I recommend soft muted pastels, neutrals, or earthy jewel tones. Brights and neons just don't photograph well and tend to overwhelm the eye. 

Here are some examples of colors that photograph well and compliment the set ups I have in studio.

Texture- In addition to color, don't forget about texture! If you want everyone in your group to wear similar tones, varything the texture of your clothing helps to keep things from looking too "matchy matchy" white keeping the look cohesive. 

The sweater texture on big sister and the elbow detailing on mom really make this family portrait sing! Imagine this same pose, but pretend everyone was wearing the same grey shirt.... it wouldn't have the same feel. Texture can play a huge role in bringing your look together. 


Words/Logos- I know it's really tempting to put siblings in "Big Brother & Lil' Sis" shirts (because those shirts are cute as heck) but very often the words just get lost in the pose. In order to pose your baby safely, I need to be able to utilize certain arm positions, posing aids, etc. which means...you guessed it... shirts get covered. I advise against clothing with words or logos. 

Shoes- We usually don't see your shoes at all, so don't stress about coordinating this part of your outfits. If your feet are going to show, we just go barefoot!

I can help!

I have a collection of clothing options available for kids and mama in studio! (Sorry dads!) Hey mama, don't be afraid to wear a maternity gown for your session! My maternity gowns aren't necessarily only for pregnant women, in fact I've found they are perfect for the postpartum mama. My client closet is available to you at no charge. 

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  • Hello! I am interested in scheduling newborn photos with you. I love your portfolio! My husband and i are expecting twins in December. Our OB told us if we go full term they will be delivered by Thanksgiving. Please let me know your availability, thank you!

    • Jenna Lyons