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I know you have a massive sea of options when it comes to choosing a photographer, and I know how quickly the influx of information can get confusing! Everyone offers something different and it's so easy to get overwhelmed. 

What I imagine the inside of your head sounds like right now:

  • Do I only want digital files? What even is a digital file?
  • I don't think I want any wall art... but wait...maybe I do? Can you show me what that looks like?
  • Wait, what's a retainer fee and why do I need that?!
  • Do I have to bring a bunch of stuff with me?
  • I want to feel prepared, but I've never done this before and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for.
  • All this researching is exhausting, I'll just go with the cheapest option and hope for the best. 

Don't worry! I have the answers! 

Let's go step by step and work through this together, I'm here to help. 

  1. Digital Files: So what is it? A digital file is just an electronic copy of a photograph. The digital files that are included with my sessions are fully edited and come with a print release. A print release will allow you the ability to make hard copy prints of your photos on your own. I recommend for this and I highly encourage you to print those photos, otherwise your digital files just gather dust! For some people, the digital files are sufficient. For other people, not so much. Even though I offer them, I do have one issue with digital files, and this brings us to our next topic: wall art. 

  2. Wall Art: We live in a digital world. Do you know how many images you scroll past in a day? Well... facebook uploads over 350 BILLION photos every single day. We see anywhere from 5,000-10,000 ads a day. Let me ask you, how many do you actually remember? Did any of them make an impact at all? I'm going to show you something....
    Mt. Pleasant Michigan Newborn Photographer

    This is a photo that hangs in the entryway of my home. It's 20x30" and it's almost 7 years old. I've tried to update it more than once, but every time I do, my kids lose.their.ever.lovin'.minds.
    My youngest: "No!!! I was so little mommy don't take it down!"
    My middle child: "But mom if you take that down, how will we remember that only one of my pigtails would curl?"
    My oldest: "I remember that day mom, we had to climb old stairs to get to that room and dad was watching us get our pictures taken."

    I look at it and my mama heart sings about the beauty of my children and how lucky I am that I was given this precious gift. This one photo, we see it every day when we enter our means more than all the 1000's of forgotten photos we swiped past.  

    Hanging art in our homes serves more than aesthetic purposes. Digital photos (that only exist on a computer or a phone) literally just exist. Sure, we can view them on a whim, but then they are gone, almost like a dream. The moment vanishes after we scroll past it. But a printed photo hung on the wall? That becomes part of your life. Your kids look at it and say "That's ME. This is my HOME. I belong HERE, and I am LOVED." Digital files can be great, but only if you make them tangible by printing and preserving them. Digital files have no impact if they only exist on a usb in a drawer, and someday that usb will be obsolete. 

    So, do you want wall art? I think we all do, we just don't always realize it! The world tells us to consume, consume, consume, but I'm telling you to slooooow doooown and print the photos!

    I have templates for all of the products I sell and I am more than happy to show you a mock up of anything you wish. A "try before you buy" if you will! This service is at no cost to you, and there is no obligation. 
    mt pleasant newborn photographer

  3. Retainer Fee: This is simply a commitment between us both. The retainer fee for all sessions is $100. This is paid when you decide you want to hire me. I in turn, save a date on the calendar only for you. This fee is applied to your total balance due and is required if you want to "lock in" a session with me. Retainer fees are non-refundable as I am actively turning down others in order to save you that spot. However, I am human, and realize you are too, and I'm willing to work with you when life happens (sickness etc.) and we can re-schedule your date should we need to. To keep things as easy as possible, I do all my contracts/invoicing online through specialized studio management software. Booking with me is as easy as any other online purchase! 

  4. All the "stuff": Simply put, you don't need to bring any "stuff" with you. My studio is packed to the gills with props, outfits for kids, maternity gowns, headbands, bonnets, etc. I take care of it all. Your session is stress and worry free, I've got you covered! 
    midland michigan newborn photographers

  5. Be prepared: What should you look for in a photographer? The #1 most important thing to look for is trust. I've been in business for over 10 years, and I know how to serve my clients. I have never received a bad review and I know how to safely handle your baby. I deliver what I say I'm going to deliver, when I say I'm going to deliver it. Newborn sessions especially are intense... so much more work goes into them than anyone realizes.  (There's a reason why newborn photography is a specialty!) I frequently hear from clients during sessions "Wow, I had no idea this was as involved as it is!" and they are not wrong.  Anyone can plop a baby in a crate and call it "photography", but only a trained professional with experience can safely and comfortably pose your baby, artfully paint with light, edit that photo to perfection, and deliver you a lifelong memory. You want to hire someone you can feel confident in. 

  6. Cost: Now, I'm aware this is a hot button issue. I'm not here to judge anyone's budget by any means, I'm a mama on a budget too! I totally understand the pull to go with what feels easiest on the ol' pocketbook is strong! But in this instance the old adage is true: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."  Here's the thing, photography isn't a regulated industry. Literally anyone can pick up a camera, slap on a business name, create a site/facebook page, and call themselves a pro. There is no agency to report to and no training required. Most people don't know that! So I will leave you with get one shot at newborn photography. Your baby is 5-14 days old at their newborn session. By the time you get your photos back, you may not have the option of a redo; you're baby will be too old. This is one of those moments in life when investing in a professional you can trust to deliver what they promise is so worth it. I do offer payment plans if requested. 
    michigan newborn photography


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